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Southern Stitch Women

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Adults Size Guide

    Chunky and bold, the Southern Stitch Jacket is a celebration of New Zealand wool with its patchwork design and broad stitches. The design is reminiscent of the South Island’s patchwork fields where durable, warm clothing is essential. But you can wear the funky Southern Stitch anywhere! Due to the design’s unique hand-made nature, you are guaranteed that every Southern Stitch jacket is one-of-a-kind.


    Our NZ Wool

    We said warm and durable, and that’s because we use high micron NZ wool. It’s even machine washable making the Southern Stitch Jacket easy to look after.

    Fixed Hood

    The Southern Stitch features an integrated hood of the same patchwork design. The hood is lined for arms and comfort and comes with pull toggles for cinching it closed.

    The Pockets

    Two generous external pockets are included in the design, in a matching patchwork style.

    Keeping You Warm

    It’s New Zealand wool, so you already know it’s warm, but that’s not all. The entire jacket (hood, body and pockets) are also lined with polar fleece to ensure maximum toastiness.


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